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Simulation Model "Local Councils"

2014-07-31 22:32:58

Simulation Model

Local People’s Assembly

This Council is considered as a mini-image of the local people's councils in the provinces,

As it reflects the democracy and consciousness of the Egyptian youth, which provides a greater opportunity to participate in public work, to express opinion and to think about issues and concerns of our homeland.

Objectives of the Model:

1. Encouraging young people to participate socially, politically and culturally.

2. Strengthening the national sense among the youth through discussing the most important issues and concerns

Of our country and Society.

3. Preparing young cadres and leaders who are enlightened and aware of the concept of democracy.

4. Educating and training the youth on how to accept, compete and interact with each other and how to make decisions.

5. Attracting the youth to the voluntary work system through this experience



Five lectures as follows:

  1. A Lecture in the first and third week of each month.
  2.  Two lectures on the sidelines of the opening and closing ceremonies.



 Depending on the work technique of:

  1. Learning by learning.
  2. Learning by Doing.
  3. Non-Formal Education.


Field Work


Forming field work teams according to geographic distribution for:

1. Opinion Surveys.

2. Study the problems of the public within each geographical area.

3. Discuss ways of problem solving with natural / local leaders from Cultural perspective.

4. Building a network of local organizations and typical leaders

to link them with executive leaders and members of the Culture Council.



Ten members of each geographical unit in the governorate (section / center), taking into account the representation of Christians and women in accordance with the Constitution of year 2114.


Program Duration:

Three-Months Program according to the following Schedule:


First Month

Second/Third Month

Saturday( Weekly Work Field)

Week one

Sunday and Wednesday of each week. 

Opening ceremony / lecture

- Workshop



- field work

- session

- Workshop


Week Two

Sunday and Wednesday of each week. 

- Procedures session

- Lecture


-field work

- session

- session


Week Three

Sunday and Wednesday of each week. 



- field work

- Lecture

- session


Week Four

Sunday and Wednesday of each week.

- Session

- Workshop / Opinion Survey*

- Establishing relationships network in the region.


- field work

- session

- Closing Ceremony / Lecture

*Opinion surveys contribute to the sketching of the general electoral program as well as the needs program of each province separately.


Target Category:

1. Young activists from independent and local leaders in the governorates as follows:

- 50% of males under the age of 35 years

- 50% of females under the age of 35 years

Benefits of Participation:

1. Certificate

2. Qualifying for a successful and healthy practice of the functions of the local council member.

3. Qualifying for the opportunity to obtain party support in the upcoming local council elections

(Party lists), an exhibition of the existing political parties will be held in each province on the sidelines of the

Closing ceremony.

4.A collection of books from the publications of the Supreme Council of Culture for the distinguished participation of each center / department (Young man + girl).


Timeline 2014/2015

Geographic Scope

Cairo Governorates

Grand and lower Egypt governorates:

10 governorates

Upper Egypt governorates:

9 governorates

Governorates of Canal Cities and East Delta:

8 governorates

start subscription

And launching the campaign

June 25: July 15

October 1: 15

January 1: 15


Interviews and Assessment


July 11:25

October 11:25

January 11:25

announcing Lists of

Participants in the suggested model


July 21

October 21

January 21

Opening ceremony and model sessions


August: October

November: January

February: April

Camp for participants in the model

for 4 days / 3

Nights and place

November in Alexandria

February in Luxor


May in El Arish

In the presence of the coordinator of each center and the governorate coordinator only

National Youth Conference

May 2015 in Cairo