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In 1997, a group of Egyptian youth, started their activities in Students’ Union in Secondary Schools in the “Mountazah Education zone”, Alexandria. They agreed to have as objectives to achieve understanding among the Egyptian youth, to promote the voluntary work and social entrepreneurship, to increase the community participation in the Civil Society Organizations, to promote human rights principles and democratic participation.

After joining the university in September 2000, Mostafa Abbas-head of Students' Union in Gamal Abd El-Nasser Military High School for pioneers- suggested forming "Oyoun Masr"(Egypt Eyes) clans inside faculties and universities, embracing the same objectives, materials and symbols. It was a unique experience which raised students' awareness and interest in the clans. 
Soon the idea spread in many universities in Egypt.

In 2003, our special hardworking made the Egyptian minister of Youth at that time, Dr. Ali Al-Deen Helal to describe it as being a “good and remarkable activity”.

By the efforts of young people, the dream came true and Oyoun Masr Association was declared under the number 1639 on 27/04/2004 for cultural and social development in the Directorate of Social Affairs in Alexandria, the oldest one of the founders is 20 years old!

In January 2015 it was established our headquarter on the other side of the Mediterranean, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in partnership with the Egyptian community in Amsterdam, to foster the Euro-Mediterranean Citizenship, sense of belonging of each and everyone.