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Code of Honor

I respect the following and detailed principles and values in this Code of Honor As they are the principles and values which I strongly believe in and I vow to respect and commit them in my work in general and through my participation in my work with Oyoun Masr Association in particular:-


Principles and Values:

 Every person has a creative side in his/her life (prominent or inside the personality) the responsibility lies on to approach and aware of it .Others have to provide the opportunity to explore this side.


The structure is essentially  based on what exists and not on needs.


The structure essentially requires standing against the consuming pattern which is based on the winning and loss bases with the strong faith that the community structure is the only one that everyone can play an effective role in.


Giving and respecting the idea of giving.


Experience and initiative in their origin is an inspirational place not to be criticized. Meaning that any partnership or visit with any community initiative is for recognizing, inspiration and learning and nor for evaluation and orientation.


Integrity and Justice.


Honesty and clarity in all aspects of life including the human and nature souls.


Respecting the human and nature in every aspect including the human and nature souls.


Respecting and accepting the other even if he/she different from us or with us in ideas and thoughts. This respect is obvious in not shutting the door (blocking the way), give the chance to express themselves and exchange ideas and thoughts.


I am committed to my specified appointments and tasks assigned to me.