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Oyoun Masr … Youth looking forward to a Better Future for Egypt and the Egyptians.

The name of the Association means "Egypt's Eyes". We are a group of Egyptian Young people, who participated in different activities within the Union of the High School in El-Montazah educational administration during the school year 99/2000. We agreed to achieve our main goals and fulfil our derams among the young people, which were the following:
- Spreading the voluntary work culture.
- Spreading the entrepreneurship culture.
- Spreading social peace principles and dialogue in addition to human rights in general.
When this short duration of time ended and the group moved to the university, Mostafa Abbas, Head of Gamal Abd El-Nasser Secondary Students Union, suggested forming student families (clans) under the name of Oyoun Masr within their colleges and universities maintaining the same goals, publications and banners.
This experience aroused the curiosity of many college students as it was a real desire to raise awareness inside the university and to occupy their leisure time in new, creative and positive methods.
Mostaf Abbas started his work within the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University in 2001, under the supervision of Prof. / Suleiman Abdel Moneim, former Secretary General of the Arab Thought Foundation and Dr .Magdy Shihab former Dean of the Faculty of Law.
The idea then spread inside other faculties such as; Fine Arts  -Engineering –Science-Physical Education for Boys) in 2002 then to (Pharmacy -Agriculture – Social Service -Education ..... etc.). Moreover it extended  outside the borders of the University of Alexandria in:
1-Faculty of Engineering Menouf Branch - Menoufia University.
2-Faculty of Engineering - Tanta University.
3-Faculty of Engineering- Shubra Branch - Zagazig University.
4-Higher Institutes of Social Service in Alexandria.
5-Higher Institutes of king Mariout Alexandria.
The student families' activities were characterized with  hard and continuous work. This hard work led Dr. Ali Eddin Hilal, Minister of Youth at that time to describe those activities as remarkable, unique and unusual activities.He also advised us of the necessity to establish and form a Civil Association to sponsor these remarkable activities and to qualify them to be engaged within the university in order to serve all different groups of the Egyptian Society and the youth communities. As long as there is a big number of Oyoun Masr's Association youth wishing not to join or be part of the political parties which existed at that time before 25 January 2011.
Thanks to the diversity of experience, abilities and enthusiasm of these young people soon the dream became a reality. Oyoun Massr Association for cultural and social development has been announced under the number (1639) dated 27/04/2004- Directorate of Social Affairs in Alexandria. It was established with the self-efforts of a group of the young people not older than 20 at that time of establishment.
So it was necessary to convince a group of symbols and leaders of civil society, led by Alexandria first Board of Directors appointed by the young people for a year, according to inside rules, which have been formulated. A large group of leaders of Alexandria society has already convinced of the idea, all classes and intellectual current groups. The youth during the first year of the Association preferred to be in their positions to learn from the experiences of the members of the Board of Directors appointed and to take the administration of the Association after the first elections of the Council of the convening of the regular General Assembly of the Association of 17/10/2005.
The elections were held in a democratic and pleasant atmosphere.  As Part of the members of the General Assembly's wish, a number of members continued to be members of the Former Appointed Board. Some members were honored to have the privilege of representing the youth in the Association's Board of Directors in order to be the real core of the new youth leaders of the civil society in the next stage. And at the same time they are the outcome of the time and the result of continuous hard work and we will continue to achieve our dream of a better future for Egypt and all Egyptians.
The financial resources obstacles are still one of the prominent problems that we face in the implementation of our programs and projects. We overcome these obstacles with the efforts of self and successful management in recruiting the best potentials and possibilities as much as we can. The evidence of the success of these attempts is to recruit possible potentials suitable for employment is the success of our projects, which is characterized with innovation, style, location and treatment.
The most prominent reasons which we summarize to describe this success is the ability of the recruitment department to change reality for the better  with good organization and mutual love among people of one nation for the public interest. We also describe it as the belonging notion that some people question of its presence among the youth of today, despite the scarcity of opportunities in the absence of equal opportunities and lack of trust among the young people and the state, "Government Administration".